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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Week 22: Letters and Dentist

This week was letters-basically working more with spelling. And then we also threw in another activity each day to help Samantha get ready for her very first REAL trip to the dentist, where they will actually clean her teeth this time. 

Monday/Tuesday: For letters we read "Barney's Alphabet." And for our activity I picked 4 random letters and then filled brown paper bags with items that started with that letter. For example, B I put in a "Baby Doll" a "Ball" and a "Banana." I am sure there was something else, but I forgot to take pictures. I let them take turns pulling out and item, naming it, and then once all the items were out of the bag, I asked what letter they all started with. "B." And then I would ask them to name some more words that started with that letter. They really enjoyed it. 

Then for the dentist, we read the Bearenstain Bears Go To The Dentist. :) And our activity will be her trip to the dentist. 

Wednesday: Her Bible story was the story of Adam and Eve. We learned a little poem about how God made her. Then she made a face-her face-on paper with plastic eyes, a pom pom, and a pipe cleaner. 

Thursday: For her art project, we did letters in shaving cream, not technically art, but it was similar to finger painting. 

The dentist art project-we made head mirrors with construction paper and tin foil. We also used popsicle sticks and such and the kids took turns pretending to be the Dentist. I showed Samantha several pictures of real dentists on Google images and the Kool Smiles website, and she informed me that the only thing she was concerned about what the mask he was wearing over his mouth, so we talked about that too. 

Friday: We did not do a "Letter" food project. But we did a dentist project. We made a peanut butter sandwich on one piece of bread and then lined it with marshmellows and folded it in half to be a mouth! 

Saturday: We played a game with letters. We did an upper and lower case match game that I printed and laminated. Then we built words with the letters. She read several words, simple words. I was so proud of her!  

Obviously the show we watched for letters was Word World

Then we watched a show for a dentist-Calliou Goes to the Dentist. 

Showing me her clean teeth at the dentist. 

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