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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Week 21: Numbers

This week was numbers. They already know their numbers 1-15ish, so I decided to go further with the numbers and also focus on true counting. I also decided to add a Bible lesson every Wednesday because I don't think she gets enough from church on just Sundays and we don't have Wednesday church for kids. 

Monday/Tuesday: We did the finger play "Five Little Monkies." We also read "Barney Numbers," but I didn't get a picture of it for some reason. We played with counting bears, working on adding and subtracting, without actually telling them that is what we were doing of course. I didn't want to confuse them. But I didn't get a picture of that either because I have a million pictures of her with her counting bears. We use them a lot. 

Wednesday: We went over Genesis-God creating the world. I found a website with worksheets and coloring sheets and crafts to go along with the lessons. There is also a simple version of the story that I read off to her and then taught her a song-one of those they teach you in Sunday school. She Loved it. And now if you ask her, "Who made Earth?" or "Who made you?" She will say, "GOD DID!" 

Thursday: We did number caterpillars. I got a pic below. They absolutely LOVED them. I did all the preparation before the project-makes things much easier-so the circles were already punched out and the numbers were on there. They just had to put them in the right order and name the numbers as we put them in order. (Earlier in the week they made butterflies with Parents As Teachers, so this lesson went right along with it!) 

Friday: I spent Friday and a good part of Saturday getting those games cut out and laminated. I have one that is a number matching game. You match the numbers to the dots. I am pretty excited about that one. The laminating was pretty easy. I used contact paper and I was a beast at it! I didn't really get any bubbles. I tried to borrow my Nana's straight cutter, but I found out it was a rotary cutter, not a straight cutter, so it took me awhile to come to terms that my pieces would not be exactly straight ever, but it is close to it. 

Next week is Letters. 

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