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Friday, August 5, 2011

Week 19: Colors

I just want to start off by saying I she already knows her colors. Which is why we through some challenging stuff in the mix, stuff that related to the colors. Such as sorting and recognizing the words spelled out. I remember reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear and doing a bunch of activities with it in Kindergarten, so I wanted to work a little with that.

Monday: We read "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?"

Tuesday:We played a color sorting game with her counting bears and tanagrams.

Wednesday: We were supposed to put food coloring into cups and mix two colors slowly to watch it change colors. I am hoping to still do that, but we gotta get to the store.

Thursday: We made a Brown Bear book.  I printed out all the pages we needed, made a cover, and tore construction paper into pieces so that they could make a collage-like thing. This project took a little preparation, but I enjoy that sort of thing, so I was okay with that. The only thing is they didn't have the attention span for it. The first few pages were awesome. Completely covered. But then after 2 or 3 pages they only put like one piece on it or said, "Are we done yet?" So we had to take a break. We did finish them. It just took awhile.

Friday:No show. I am having the hardest time finding cooking activities and movies to go with the lessons for the week. I don't mind the movie so much, but I really want to do a cooking activity. Usually, on the days that we don't have an activity planned, however, we will make sure to do an extra spelling game or something so I am still setting aside that time for structured learning.

Next week I believe is shapes. I think we are going to work on more difficult shapes and recognizing the words and such.
We also played some different games to learn, that I thought I would post. We played one with her refrigerator magnets. I would close my eyes and she would pick one out and have me hold it up against my forehead. Then she would say what sound it made and I would guess it. (Obviously I already knew, but I wanted her to practice her letter sounds some more.) She already knows them, but I want to reinforce it so that she will remember them even if we don't go over them for awhile. 
We also played some simple taking turns games and sharing games, but I am really looking for a website that has games you can play at home to make sharing, taking turns, and cleaning fun. Or even a website that has simple games for TODDLERS to learn their letters. Everything I find is for like 4 and up and she doesn't quite get it or doesn't have the patience for it yet.

Samantha Being Silly-As Usual

The Finished Project-They were having a hard time holding up the books so I could see the cover, so I told them to do whatever.

This is the cover.

This is just one of the inside pages. There were too many pages to take a picture of them all.

Had some help from my little brother on this one. Good fine motor exercise.

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