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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Geography Thanks To Grandpa

Usually, I tell my family that I would like them to take part in Samantha's education any way they can. Whether that means teaching her to crochet, cook a certain meal, or in my Dad's case, sending Samantha post cards and small souvenirs from different states.

Samantha really looks forward to getting things from him in the mail. Today she received a postcard from Texas, which she can now point out on the map without assistance since my Dad is always talking about Texas. Anywho....He always tries to pick out postcards with meaning, something personal or educational. The last one was the Legend of the Dogwood, because she Loves Dogwoods, just in time for Easter because it was about Jesus' crucification. This one was Texas, my Dad's home state, and the state flower. Which served as a wonderful History lesson for Samantha! He likes to write a question on the back for her to look up. This one said..."Why is the Blue Bonnet the state flower for Texas? Can you tell me more about the flower?" And next time they talk she will be able to tell him about it. Great way to spark state interests when we start diving more into Geography in a few years. Right now we are just touching on the basics, getting familiar with maps. (She isn't even "supposed to be in prek" until Fall. So I am not worried about it.)

She has been posting them on her bulletin board above her bed. Here are some pics to a wonderful start:

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

McKay's Used Books

We took a trip to our local used books store last Monday. Only someone like me would be as excited about that as I was.

We traded in several of her old Imagination Library books that she has outgrown. We didn't get much for them,but enough to make Sam happy.

We took her to the reference section, her favorite area. They had several books for 50-75 cents. She got books about animals, Dinosaurs, rocks (which was on her list of wants), animal behaviors, deadly animals, gymnastics, and a few others. And we only spent half her credit!

Okay, okay. I felt bad that she didn't even look in the Children's section for story books....but with her, she only reads her favorite story books multiple times. The really rest depends on her mood what story and reading level she wants. So we have her favorite books, "Diary of a Worm," Ladybug Girl, Fancy Nancy. And the rest she can pick up at the library.

I like that she likes the reference books because they spark interest. AND we are considering turning the "baby room" into a library since it has been set up like that for a year and never actually used. It would be a nice area with book shelves, a chair a curio cabinet for her nature collection. And a small table for using a microscope or drawing, etc. Just a thought right now.

Anyhow, I definitely recommend used book stores. We take DD all the time and I Love to see her face light up when she gets "new to her" but affordable books. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Another Day In The Mays Family Homeschool

I know I keep posting, but this pretty weather has me all excited! New explorations all the time! Sam is also getting older and that means big changes in her learning!
Today has been great. We started it out with a little bit of weather journaling-as usual. And as we completed her journal, I realized that she was reading two digit numbers with ease all of a sudden! She was telling digital time with a glance! And when we switched the calendar to April, Samantha was able to read the month and the rest of the date without any help! That was a first too! Not only that, but she can suddenly count all the way to 100! This has been a day of firsts! The best part about it was, Hubby came home on lunch, so he was there when she did it for the first time! He has been coming home on lunch every day now. Samantha likes that new part of our daily schedule because she gets to cook lunch with him. :)
After he left, we played in the back yard for a long time. We played catch with one of her new game sets she got for Easter. Then we sat down for awhile while she picked wild flowers. She discovered several new types, and we talked about the different parts of the flowers. She also noticed the differences in "this" flower as opposed to "that" flower. While we were outside, we saw a squirrel jumping from tree to tree. Super neat! We observed for awhile. Then Sam went back to picking flowers. When we brought them inside, she decided she wanted to put them in some water. We were going to use cups, but Samantha wanted to use Rubbermaids. She filled them all up with water by herself and separated them into the containers she wanted. Then she lined them up on the porch railing, "So they can get some sunlight, and it will make them grow." She thought it would be a neat surprise for Daddy to see sitting outside when he gets home.
We have played computer games, read, and had quiet time. Now we are about to start dinner-a little early since we have to make a library pit stop and go to dance. I have to say...This pretty weather makes for better days. That's for sure. And I am never happier than I am when we are learning together.
Side Note: Sam will start her new homeschool dance class this September! Woo Hoo!