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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Week 23 and 24: Emotions and Family

Sorry I have so been slacking, but I have been so busy with the house and planning Samantha's party. And Jessie started school back, so I have been helping him so he knows what work he has to do and if he doesn't get it, I help him. Just eh...so much. But here I am now. 

Week 23 was emotions. 

Monday/Tuesday: We read "ABC Look at Me." It is one of Samantha's favorite books-also from Dolly Parton Library. It has pictures of babies showing different emotions. We also sang, "If You're Happy and You Know It..." They enjoyed that song because it was interactive. Thursday was mirror faces. We explored out emotions and talked about what we were feeling. I asked her to make a "mad face" and she would show me what "Mad" looked and sounded like. 

Wednesday: We went over Genesis-Cain and Able. We learned a song to go along with the lesson because I felt like the art activity was too old for her. 

Thursday: Her art activity was making a paper bag puppet with a face on it, any emotion. I would have her draw it, but she is not ready for that yet, I do not think. 

Friday: We played a "Match the Emotions" game. 

This week we did not have a baking activity. 

Week 24 was all about Family. 

Monday/Tuesday: We looked through Family Albums as our book. We talked about all the different members of the family and how all families are different. We also listened to the song on her Barney CD about Family. It also talks about how all Families are different, and that your Family is what is best for you, and not everybody. I especially like this song because people tend to make Samantha feel like she needs a brother or sister to be complete, and I feel like that is starting to get to her. I want her to realize that being an only child is not a bad thing. 
Her activity for this week was Family Time. Simple, but meaningful. I want her to understand the importance of spending time with Family. 
Wednesday: We went over Genesis-Noah's Ark. We read the story and she played with a Noah's Ark play set she has. We talked about the animals and why they were in sets of two. 

Thursday: I had her draw a Family Portrait...Which apparently we all look like little squiggles, but she knew exactly who was who. 

I let her assist me in making the table and a little on dinner. We had a Family dinner, which is an everyday thing, but we also talked about why it was important. 

Next week is "All About Me" just in time for her Birthday. 

Just a thought...I am going to move Bible lessons to the end of the week so that there is not a "pause" in the lesson. I feel like introducing it on Tuesday and then doing her Bible lesson on Wednesday is sort of an interruption...Hmm..

This is an old picture. She wasn't in a picture mood, but that is the ark she has. 

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