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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Week 17 and 18: What's That Noise? and Musical and Movement

Last week and the week before were sort of related. That is why we did them back to back. Week 17 was "What's That Noise?"
We read "Baby Listens." I Love that book because it is part of a set called Baby Luvs. They were what I grew up with. Luvs diapers would send you a book every time you bought so many packs of diapers. And we had all of them. My Mom sold them. so I re-bought them off Amazon once Samantha was born. She is only missing one that I can't find. It is out of print and very rare...Sad face. Anyway...

Tuesday:We made noise with anything and everything we could find. We used pots and pans and instruments. We used our hands on different surfaces like the wall and the floor. We used our feet for the same thing. And our voices. :)

Wednesday: I could not think of anything to bake that had to do with noise.

Thursday: We made LOUD art. I took a poster board and we went on the back porch and Samantha stomped and stomped and slid around to move the paint all over the board. Brennon opted out of the art project again, but he was satisfied just watching. 

Friday: I cannot even remember what we watched, and I didn't write it down for some reason.

Week 18 went pretty well also. I didn't think it would be much fun since we are always listening to music and such, but it was. 

Monday: We read "Animal Serenade." Which is a Kindermusik book. It is an awesome book because on the inside there is a line of music that you can read and it goes along with the words of the book. Pretty sweet. And then "This Little Piggy Played Fiddle." It was alright. It was also a Kindermusik book.

Tuesday: We played with instruments. We turned on some of their favorite CDs and played instruments with some of the songs. And then we danced to some of the songs. 

Wednesday: I didn't know what to cook or bake, so we listened to music while we ate. I discovered the Banana Song by Dr. Jean-I just LOVE Dr. Jean. And so does Samantha. She Loves the new song too. (I also found her website and blog, and they are GREAT resources!)

Thursday: I have been reading a book that talks about hundreds of early childhood experiments and their significance to childhood development. I LOVE experiments, so we did a miniature one. I wanted to see if there was a difference in what colors she chose and the way she drew based on what sort of music we were listening too. So we turned on some of her fast, more upbeat Kindermusik songs for awhile. Then we turned over the paper and turned on some classical music. Obviously it isn't going to be VERY accurate, but I found Samantha didn't color any different. And she chose the same color for both pictures.

Friday: We watched Curious Buddies! Let's Move! They LOVE that! And it keeps them up and moving, so I Love it too! 

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