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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Open House For Brother/School Schedules For Brother

I went to my brother's open house at school the other day, and oh my, how hard it is for me to hold back from doing "school at home" with Sam, especially with this age. I just love how the environment looks, the colorful posters with letters and shapes on them. All the cute toys and manipulatives! The little reading areas and small tables for arts and crafts. And the cafeteria! Ah...Back before we decided to homeschool Samantha, I was so excited to volunteer at her school and do the fieldtrips and all. I feel like there are some things she may miss, but there are things that she would miss being in school instead of being homeschooled too, so it goes both ways. I just have to keep reminding myself that just because the classroom feel looks inviting to me, doesn't mean she will like it. She didn't go with me to his open house because I didn't want her asking to go to school. I have to take him to school in the morning though since my Mom just had a baby, and I am not finding a sitter for that, so I hope that goes well. 

Another thought I had yesterday, because he was going to go to school today, but we decided this morning to let him lay out so he could meet his new baby sister. Anyway, last night I took him and Sam out for dinner and ice cream and to the playground. We generally go out on weeknights as a family, Jessie, Sam, and I. We don't think anything about it. We never look at the time. We just do what we want to do. We follow a general schedule daily, but we don't have to watch the clock for the most part. But last night I kept having to look at the time to make sure that I got him home before it got too late. I had to rush to give bathes and put out school clothes and make sure everything was ready so that I could get him in bed and make sure to be able to wake up early in the morning, just to have to wake up in the morning and rush to dress him, feed him, and drive him to school. It's hard. I am really glad we won't be having to follow a school schedule. We are night owls. All of us. We stay up pretty late. Then in the morning I get up, get Jessie's lunch. Get him out the door. Then I have awhile to wake myself up, take a bath and read, clean up a little-piddle. Then finally, around 9, maybe later if she went to bed later than 1 o'clock, I wake her up and we slowly eat breakfast, make the bed, get dressed. We are totally going by about 10:00 generally, but on a normal day, not before that. Most everything we do during the week starts after 10:00 am, storytime, parent meetings, etc. The only thing I do that actually starts at 10 is go to the Women's Center on Thursdays, and I just cut out breakfast with her and MIL feeds her. And most of the time I am running late for that. I couldn't have a job. I would get fired. :)p