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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Week Five: Spring Fun

This week was Spring Fun. However, yet again, things were a bit hectic with my brother's graduation, then the tornado, then driving down there to get my brother again for a emergency weekend pass after the tornado. Somehow, we still managed to get most of her stuff done.

Monday: We read the book "The Four Seasons," the section about Spring. We did not listen to a song.
Tuesday: We were supposed to go outside and fly a kite, but we could not find a kite at any of the stores around here. They were all "gliders." So we ended up just playing outside as part of her "Spring Fun."

Wednesday: Samantha and I played with chalk on the back porch.

Thursday: We made homemade lemonade. It was pretty decent. But it lacks something and I can't figure out what.

Friday: Because we were without internet, I was not able to stream a movie about Spring for her to watch. But we were going to watch a Barney episode about warm weather.

Next week, we are doing Mother's Day activities all week. :) I had fun planning this topic's activities. 

Also, an update on that book-I am about half way through, thank you to the 20 hours I have been in the car this weekend-so far. And we still have to take him back...Another 10 hours. I didn't read the whole time because of it hurting my eyes and of course daylight hours...But I got about 200 pages done. It is a great book. It has so much information. Most of it is pretty up to date, even though it was made in 2001. I am glad I am reading it because I didn't know how much stuff you need to know or should know before you begin actual homeschooling.

She did a great job of helping with this one. She didn't just watch and stir. She helped me measure and pour. She even squeezed some of the lemons!


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