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Friday, April 15, 2011

Decisions Decisions

After the decision to homeschool comes even more decisions to make. When to start? What curriculum to use? Do you join groups or co-ops? How will you keep them active? Make it to where they are still social and don't just rely on you? 
I have found the answer to a few of these questions, but I am still working on others. 
We decided not to do a formal preschool curriculum with her, but to start her at 5 instead of 6 since. Even though her birthday is after the cut off date for public school, homeschool doesn't have one. We will be joining the Catoosa County Christian Co-Op, and they will do her Science and Social Studies. So I will only have to choose a curriculum for her English and Math. We will also be joining either the Northwest GA group or the East Tennessee/Northwest GA homeschool group. I think the one in TN will be a larger group and therefore more active, but the NW GA one seems to do more things appropriate for Elementary School. (The other one seems to focus on the highschoolers.) 
We will be joining the YMCA, where we attend church, to keep her active. They have activities for toddlers and a giant play ground that she LOVES to play on! We will also continue to have her in Kindermusik and possible gymnastatics or dance...When she gets older she will be able to choose. I want to give her more time with friends, which will be more possible since she will only have school 4-1/2 hours a day. 
I have not picked a curriculum. But I am working on it. I am continually researching the laws, and really enjoy preparing for this. I just hope that when the time comes, I will have an idea of what I am doing. 

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