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Friday, April 1, 2011

Week Two: Earth's Weather and Its Many Moods

This week was the week of weather. Honestly, I would say it turned out worse than last week. Ha Ha. It's a work in progress. The activities I came up with didn't work since it was rainy and cold all week, so I had to come up with new stuff last minute. On top of that, Samantha was so stubborn this week! Maybe it was the weather. Maybe she just knew how much Jessie and I were both stressing. I don't know, but she didn't want to do anything. I didn't even tell her she was learning. I would just say, "Hey, wanna read a book?" "NOOO!!!" She is usually so excited, but for some reason, this week...Eh...Here is what we did. 

Monday: We read the book "Raindrop Plop." We got it from the Imagination Library that Dolly Parton sponsors. It is about weather AND counting, and Samantha Loves the rythm of the book. Then we listened to The Weather Song by Dr. Jean. We Love Dr. Jean, and she has a bunch of educational songs that are fun and perfect for her age! 

Tuesday: We attempted an activity. We were going to use instruments to make "weather sounds," but she didn't want to do that, and the only thing I could really simulate was a storm, and I wanted to go over more than just rain this week. So we used play dough to make the weather. I know she was too young to do it herself, but that was all I could think of. I would make it and ask her, "What kind of weather is this?" We would go over it, and she would "make it" herself. I would say, "What are you making?" And she would say, "A storm." 

Wednesday: Wednesday is art day! However, due to the same problem that we ran into last week, I am not able to access my art supplies, and won't be able to until this Monday. So this week I just printed out a simple coloring sheet. I liked that though because it went over wind. For some reason, however, she doesn't want to color anymore. She wants to draw shapes instead. And when she does draw shapes, they are everywhere but the picture. Ha Ha.

Thursday: Thursday we had Fun In The Kitchen! We made a Jell-O rainbow. This was also a little above her age level, but I let her watch me do it as I discussed what I was doing and afterward we talked about rainbows and how they are formed. She wouldn't eat it though because it jiggled, so Jessie ate some. 

Friday: We are probably going to watch Barney Songs From The Park.

Here are the instructions: http://typeaparent.com/rainbow-jello.html


Listening to The Weather Song on my iPod. She actually enjoyed that.

The bottom three colors all looked the same. And the Violet didn't fit in the pan.

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