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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Week Three: Earth And Its Animals

This week was animals. It went quite well. Except, we got off schedule since Hubby is taking the next two weeks off work.

Monday: We read the book "Welcome To The Zoo." It is also a book from Dolly Parton's Imagination Library. It has no words, but the pictures are very detailed, and we can go over a lot of words, and even make up our own story. Then we listened to the Animal Sounds Song. I found it on You Tube. (Samantha didn't really like it, so I doubt we will be doing that song again. 

Tuesday: We did a bird feeder activity. (Since I am squishing all types of animals into one week, I figured we would do one lesson on mammals. Another on birds. Insects, and so on.) We were doing to make a simple pine cone with peanut butter and bird seed, but I found it was about the same price, maybe a little cheaper to buy a little Humming Bird feeder and some nectar. (Instead of bird seed.) We had a few accidents with the nectar because the feeder was cheap, and the bottom kept coming out-just our luck that we wear white that day. Ha Ha. 

Wednesday: I printed off a template for a ladybug. She really enjoyed making this, and it was simple for her age. 

Thursday: We were supposed to make animal cookies, but we didn't get to do it Thursday, so we are going to do it today, in just a few minutes after I find a recipe. (I will post pics.)

Friday: We were supposed to watch Barney Goes To The Farm. (I wanted to go over farm animals.) But we didn't get to. Not a big deal though. I can play it for her anytime.

Next week was supposed to be Earth's Plants, but I haven't decided what we are doing for sure...The week after that was supposed to be Easter. We will have to figure them both out because I don't want to miss either one. I will probably rearrange some things.

Here is a website I found with some good ideas for homemade bird and squirrel feeders.


We had to mix it up.

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