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Monday, April 25, 2011

Week Four: Easter

This week was Easter. Again, since Hubby was off work though, things were kind of hectic. We got the projects done, but some weren't on the right day or time or day. We did the carrot cake at 1 o'clock in the morning. lol. 

Monday: We read the book "Barney's Easter Egg Hunt." And we read the story of Jesus's resurrection in here Precious Moments Bible. We didn't listen to a song this week.

Tuesday: We did Samantha's egg hunt.

Wednesday: Samantha decorated a cross with stickers and other things we pulled out of the closet. We also talked about what the cross symbolizes.

Thursday: We made a carrot cake from scratch. We even made the icing-I got a mixer finally. It was great, except I don't like carrot cake.

Friday: We watched the Veggie Tales "'Twas the Night Before Easter." (However, I was not able to watch it with her this week, so I want to "re-watch" it sometime.

Next week is Spring Fun! I know we missed a week-the week before last I believe, but I am going to make it up because I have a lot of fun stuff planned for it. The topic is "Earth and Its Plants."

Also, I found a great book with all kinds of information to help me answer my questions! I goes all the way from "Making the Decision to Homeschool" to "College Homeschooling."-which we will not be doing. It is called "The Unofficial Guide to Homeschooling"

One more thing...Thanks to Jessika. Since Samantha Love the iPod so much, I thought I would start using it more for learning. She has always had a few applications on the iPod, but not many. I went through and downloaded some more on reading and letters, etc. And then I am going to start searching every week for apps based on that week's topic. I am sure I will find some good ones, and she can continue learning even after her lesson is over!

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