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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Living Life Unschooling

Extension of my last post: I forgot to mention another "friend" I have had to talk to lately about homeschooling, someone to bounce ideas and beliefs off of is my sister in law, Brandi, who has a 1,year old she is considering homeschooling. It's really neat having someone I'm already that close to to talk to, so I'm very surprised I forgot to mention her before.
On with my post...
I usually tend to get in a panic when Sam and I have days where I feel like nothing has been accomplished except errands maybe. Meal times. That sort of daily living stuff. Then I realize, well, that is life. It happens that way sometimes. And we don't always have to be doing something deemed educational or productive. We need down days, days where we sleep a little longer. Watch a bit more TV. Or maybe just color all day. Our bodies apparently are asking for that break.
And I look back on the previous days, weeks, or even months and I realize how much we have done. This Fall alone we have been enjoying time together as a family, celebrating Sam's 5th birthday, going apple picking, to the pumpkin patch, to the park. Sam has been improving SO MUCH in gymnastics. All she does some days is practice outside until she gets tired. Then she comes in to watch a gymnastics competition on the computer until she falls asleep. She has made new friends and she plays with them a lot. She talks with them. She is finding out more about who she is as an individual and as a friend. We have cooked together, baked together, shopped together. We have read together. We have studied the tree leaves together. We have gone on walks. We have looked at maps. We draw. We color. We listen to music. Sometimes we just talk. All of this. And more. This time that we are spending together, we are walking through life together, figuring out problems. Yes, she helps with problems. We act silly and laugh together. We do the mundane tasks that we have to do, but somehow they seem less mundane when we do them together.
And living life together, things seem like they are always changing, like there is no normal day. One minute it is the 3 of us. The next day we have a dog or a family member moves in. One day we are going to dance. Then she switches to gym. One day Sam is interested in Space. The next day it's Oceans. Sometimes we learn by reading and playing games. Sometimes I freak out and we write on the marker board and do calendar. But it is all neat, going back and looking at all the stages. Just waiting too see what life brings us next. It's just nice that we are able to "go with the flow" because we don't have this super duper strict schedule we have to adhere to. So if the church needs us to do something. Or the Center. Or maybe a family member gets sick, we are able to be there to deal with what life has for us. I realize I say this a lot, "We'll see what life brings next..." but I mean it. We just have to be there ready for what is next.

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