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Thursday, September 5, 2013


In no way am I trying to offend anybody when I blog about Homeschooling. I am just a parent, like any other, who is satisfied with the choices made for my child's education. Like any other parent who chooses any other form of homeschooling, I am excited. I know that there are pros and there are cons to our choice. I just choose to focus on the positive because I believe, for our family, it brings more positive than negative. I feel that it brings of sense of family closeness, provides great opportunities for all of us, a rich education-again, for us all, and also believe it will grow our daughter into a completely different person than if she went to school. Our family is fully satisfied in our way of life, and we will not be swayed. I respect the fact that homeschooling does not work for everyone, and yes, some kids thrive in and enjoy school. Just like many children thrive in and enjoy homeschool. I am not trying to put schooling down. I try my hardest to word things so that they don't sound offensive, because they are not meant to be taken offensive, but I will not leave things out of my post because it risks offending someone. So please do not leave rude comments. I use this blog one of my many journals so that I can one day show my daughter what our lives were like. I also like to share ideas and projects to help others because blogs have been some of my primary resources for ideas. Enjoy!

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