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Saturday, November 2, 2013


I have prayed for this since things began changing for Sam. Since her friends started going off to school and they would all talk to her about class parties and homework, recess and circle time, things she really knew nothing about. I have been waiting for this since the parents' of her friends started talking about dropping off/picking the kids up, meetings, and other school related things. I longed for a friend for Sam. And a fellow Homeschooling Mom for me. I wanted Sam to have a friend who would say to Sam, "Yah! I am homeschooled too! Yesterday Mom was teaching us how birds fly!" or a Mom who would say things like, "Of course we will be at the fieldtrip next week. Maybe we can meet for lunch afterward!"

It seemed like that day would never come. It would be impossible to fit into this group that has already been journeying through homeschooling together for so many years. They are comfortable in their own group. To them, it would be another year of new members. So how do these new members push their way in?

It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Sam made a close friend in an instant. People have been talking to us left and right at every meeting we have been to. And everyone is so willing to set up play dates, swap numbers, or talk about "school" while the kids run around doing their own thing.

Samantha's gets to see her new "best friend," Rachael at least twice a week lately. (Rachael is the little girl she met at the Not Back to School Picnic.) Rachael also joined Sam's gymnastics class, and they are in the same group. She has 5 brothers and sisters from 9 months to 12 years old, and they all love having Samantha over to play. (Samantha loves them too.) This makes Sam so very happy and she doesn't ever feel alone now. She'll say, "Mommy, I can't believe that they are homeschooled too! I didn't know other kids were homeschooled with their Mommies." I think it makes her happier, I am sure it does, knowing she isn't alone. Because nobody wants to be alone.

Side Note: I went out with Suzette, Rachael's Mom tonight, and it was a nice night away. We went to Fresh to Order for dinner and then the mall to walk around and talk. We were out for 5 hours just talking about everything from family to homeschooling to cooking and the Bible. It was nice gaining some insight from someone with the same general beliefs and interests as me. It was a much needed, very refreshing night. I feel like we will get along just fine, despite my initial nervousness about telling her my age. (We actually did talk about it, and she said she didn't have a problem with it. She knew when we started talking that I was younger just from the way I looked.) In fact, when we went in stores to shop for clothes, she tried to help me pick some out based on the kind of clothes she buys for her daughter. It was like shopping with my Mom. In a good way. And I was able to help her too because I have awesome taste of course.

Of course we talked about getting the kids together again, maybe even the Husbands. (We'll see about that.) Friday is our CHEA Group Playdate on Cardboard Hill. Can't wait to see what the kids think of that.

I am home now. Put Sam to bed. I am ready and refreshed for tomorrow knowing that we won't be going it alone anymore.

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