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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Gymnastics Progress/Geography Fair

Sam has developed a real interest in gymnastics over the past few months. She has deemed it worthy of her time to practice at home-continually. She mastered her cartwheel in just 2 weeks! Then she moved on to the stall bars....She is fearless now. Next was head stands. She has made some huge strides in this and can now balance on her head with her knees on her elbows-starting positicon. She is also practicing her splits-so close!

I am so very proud of Sam. Not just for making so much progress, but also for practicing, spending time and energy to get better at something she enjoys as opposed to just expecting it to happen. Next semester will be interesting as she works more on the trampoline and improving on the pedestals.

Side Note: Sam's CHEA Group is having a Geography Fair in February. (As well as a Science Fair in the Spring.) Anyway, all ages are encouraged to participate, so I asked Sam if she wanted to. She said yes! She chose Oceans, and we are going to start on her project after the holidays. She can do pretty much anything she wants. We just need to do a tri board with any information/pictures we want to include. She can bring in experiments she has done. Pictures she has taken. She can bake a native food-if she had chosen a country. She can even do a presentation or demonstrate part of a native language she has learned. Anything is allowed. I can't wait to see where this leads us. This is exactly the motivation we need to get going again with Oceans.

Geography Fair Update: It has been 2 days since I wrote this. Today I discussed the fair further with Sam. She wants to write a report to go along with her triboard and read it to the judges! She also requested to write it with ink and quill like the early explorers! So I said, "Can do! I'll get in it!" Anything that gets her excited about reading and writing. :) 

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