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Saturday, November 16, 2013


My Husband had been my main Homeschooling support system for the last 3 years. And even though he listened to me about my fears, inadequacies, and the good times too. Even though he said, "Yes, you can home school and I will support you." And he understood Sam is receiving a very individualized education, he still wasn't 100% there. He stood up for us when friends or family said Sam would be under educated or weird. He stood up for homeschooling when people said it was wrong. But a part of him, still worried. The schooled part of Jessie made him think, "Will she be weird, unsocialized, or lonely?" This fear of mine was assuaged by my first book about homeschooling back when Sam was two. And though I read sections aloud and have repeated things for years, he still doubted. He had to see for himself.
I posted before about how we Get Involved. Samantha sees her friends so often and she is unrestricted in her play for the most part. In gymnastics she listens to her teachers. But while she waits her then she watches the intermediate class and her and her friends try to practice some of the stuff the higher level girls do. They are allowed to talk too, as long as they know what to do on their turn. Playdates, group parties/gatherings, sleepovers...All unrestricted play. Sam has so many friends. Everywhere she goes. Many live down the road. Walking distance. (Not her alone of course.) Together they practice gymnastics. (Most of them are also in gym. Some in her class.) They play pretend. Play games.
Tell stories. Listen to music. Explore. And sometimes teach each other math facts or reading. They really enjoy teaching each other what they learned that day. So much goes on around her friends. (And since she doesn't have any siblings, we might as well get ready for it now. Her friends will be at our house all the time. She always wants a friend with her lately, which is fine. I understand her need for company closer to her age.)
Anyway, Tangent Woman will stop now. What was I saying?
Oh yes, My Husband told me at dinner today a friend of his brought it up that homeschooling makes it hard to socialize. (We have had problems with this friend always putting homeschool down, even in front of Samantha.) Jessie said he really thought about it, and he told him that, while he used to agree, he completely disagrees now. He said Sam is making friends everywhere she goes. Left and right she is having people over it going out with them. She has kids spending the night on week nights! Gasp! (It is easier for our schedule to have kids over on week nights because of Hubby's schedule.) He said he knew then homeschooling was right. He looked me right in the eye and said, "We'd homeschool again in a heartbeat."
I have been longing to hear those words for years. I mean, he is a huge support. Giving me the okay. Allowing me to do it. Teaching Sam. Listening to me get excited and worry and get angry at times. Being the sole bread winner. Even though a second check might make things easier-financially. But I have never heard him say something like THAT. He is not only supportive, as usual. He is now aboard the homeschool train. He went from, "No. Absolutely not!" To "Maybe." To, "Whatever you want to do." Now...this. it's a Glorious day in the Mays house as I skip around grinning from ear to ear. "It took 3 years, but all in good time!"

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