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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Nature Hallway

We got a great start on Sam's Nature Hallway-the hallways leading to our rooms, just in time for her first "Official Year of Homeschool." 

Frames: We framed several flat objects such as leaves, cocoons, and feathers. (There will be more to come, and we will continue to put them up in rows of 3, but this is just what we have found and kept so far.) 

Shelves: I arranged a lot of her findings in Mason jars, (Since I have an excess of those.) and placed them on shelves that I sanded down and spray painted. We have 2 up right now, but I have more. The bottom shelf has a jar with a nest, a jar of acorns, and a jar of sticks and leaves. We also put a small jar of hatched chicken eggs and other small things on there to decorate it..The top shelf has a jar full of sand and shells and a jar of rocks. 

Sam adores it. She really Loves that her stuff is more accessible-not stuffed in a basket anymore. And she has something to be proud of and show to people when they come over. 

The next step is to frame her maps and put them on the other wall! 

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