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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Daddy's Part In Our Homeschool

Dad has a very special place in our Home school. Some people view Dads as the "Principle." Some see them as nothing at all. In our Homeschool, Dad is a teacher and a learner. Dad sparks interest and learns new things with us. 

He is also a support system for both Sam and me. For starters, he enables me to homeschool Sam by working and allowing us to stay home. He is our listener about the day. The one that we all run to when the door opens. (All, meaning the dog too.) And he is also one of the only people I know who understands exactly what it is like. He has experienced the people who lean their head to the side and make comments such as, "YOU KNOW, I knew these kids one time that were homeschooled, and they didn't know how to socialize and were dumb as a sack of rocks." But he also knows the good parts, like the reward of being there when Sam reads her very first word and being able to come home on lunch and take her out for a treat when he wants to.

When we began our "Homeschool Journey," back when the decision was made, and she was only 2, he was not super supportive, but he has always told me that if I think it is best for Samantha, it must be. Now he really stands firm in the belief that we are doing what is right for Sam. He has stood up for that more than once. And he says he can't imagine it any other way.

Anyway, back to my main point. Dad is a teacher. He has so many answers when Mommy can't answer them very well or we can't get to the Internet. How is paper made, Daddy? How do wasps make their nest, Daddy? Why does a dog bark and a car meow, Daddy? 

And every night he takes the time out to draw on Samantha's board. Some nights he takes an Eye Witness book related to Samantha's Unit Study and demonstrates a concept for her, in a fun manner. He sometimes writes a date or picture of something for us to look up the next day. (Last night was July 4, 1776. It is a great way to get Samantha excited and teach her little bits of History or Science.) Some nights he writes math problems or words. Other nights are just fun and games where he draws a picture of something going on that day or something for us to "hunt for" the next morning. 

He thinks differently than me and therefore can teach Sam in a different way if she doesn't get my way of approaching it. In fact, him and Sam have the same sort of mechanical mind in some aspects. They enjoy Legos or anything technology, while Sam and I enjoy reading and anything creative.

Daddy is also a learner. He joins us on many of our "field trips" and is astonished at how much he learns sometimes. Other times he knows more and can expand upon what the monument or tour guide says. One thing leads to another and sometimes he can get Samantha excited about going home to look up more! He has a wide interest and Loves documentary films, taking in the information for later. Having this "resource" of his knowledge is priceless!

When we began this journey, I took the responsibility. It was all on me, and I didn't mind, but it is nice to have Dad's support and amazing mind to back me up. I can't wait to see what ideas he comes up with next.

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