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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"School Shopping"

I get a lot of questions about if it makes me sad that Samantha won't get to "school shop," and the answer to that is always a no. Although Samantha "school shops" differently, it is a fun sort of different. Even she enjoys it. For Sam's school shopping, I get to order her games online and things pertaining to her unit studies. We get to buy her new outfits for her activities and group meetings still. And since she doesn't have a "supply list" which is generally half donations to the classroom and half things the individual student will use, we have more money to put towards different things-things she wants, like the super awesome pencil case she got or a fancy new outfit for the Back to School Picnic. And of course, there is always something I need/want to buy for our homeschool! Here is what we got this year:

Math: I ordered several new games for Sam to help her learn math without workbooks! That is and will continue to be our "curriculum" for a long time. I ordered Math Dice, Math War, and soon we will order her the Math Mat. (Side Note: She is already getting quick at her Math because of these games!) She also uses computer games for Math as well as Reading.

Science: We picked her up a sketch pad to go with her nice art set (That she got for Christmas last year. It has professional pencils, pastels, etc. in it.) That way she can use it for her Quiet Nature Studies and Prayer Time. Also included in her Science supplies, several things pertaining to her Body Unit Study, like a torso model I got her at the Curriculum Fair this year.) 

Georgraphy: We have maps and globes and a few board games. Since we are really just getting familiar with maps and also with out Homeschool Community, I didn't feel the need to add anything. I want her to focus on making new friends and getting into a routine with all this new stuff going on.

English:We use the Library as our resource for English. We Read. Read. Read. We read tons of books for her Unit Studies. We read for fun. We read for information. And just from reading she has learned that there is punctuation, capitalization, and even incorrect spelling. I don't have to point it out. She just knows. So I feel no need to add to this either. Although, from time to time we find a book we really Love and order it offline or find it at a used book store.

Last night we took Sam out for a picnic in the Battle Field. It was a pretty, cool day, so we got to play in the fields and walk up the Tower Monument. Then we headed to WalMart to shop for a few small things. We had to get new Crayola Markers, a ruler (which had a clock and calculator on it-just to keep her familiar with those two tools.) She also got a sharpener for all the cute unsharpened pencils she has. Eraser tops. And an awesome pink camo pencil box that has a key to lock it and pockets inside.

Groups We Will Join:

Catoosa Home Education Association-A Local Support Group that gets together bi-weekly for field trips, holiday parties, field days, etc. They are having a "Not Back To School Picnic" in September, so we can go check it out before we join. (Jessie and I promised to buy Sam a new outfit from Justice in the mall for the picnic. She is super excited!)

Sam will also start her Homeschool Gymnastics class in September.

Planned Pield Trips:

Bodies Exhibit in Atlanta! We are super excited about this one, and will go when Sam ends her Human Body Unit. It is sort of pricey, but they do have Homeschool discounts, and I can't pass up taking her there when she is so interested in the body!

This "School Year" is going to rock! Sam is pumped and so am I. We will pretty much do what we always do, but with a few activities added in and slightly more structure, not much. I still want her to have time for play and exploration, because that is what she truly needs.

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