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Monday, August 26, 2013

Big Plunge

This is it. Today is the day. Half way to the big plunge. Today is the day the day Sam would be starting school. (Pre  K. Because the way her birthday falls. That is why I say half way.) Today is a day Samantha would not be be home with me. She would be at school. 

If Sam were going to school, we would have spent the last few weeks buying school supplies and clothes, attending open house, and preparing ourselves for Sam to leave for school. This is the morning we would have woke up early after an early bedtime. I would have drove her to school and walked her into her classroom. I know I would have taken a ton of pictures, kissed her on the head, and walked away crying and planning to come back and eat lunch with her. 

But today that did not happen. Sam is here.
Today was a normal day for us. We didn't start out the day in school desks. We didn't say the Pledge. And we didn't pull out our workbooks or walk in a line to lunch. No. We went to bed late last night after spending time together reading Charlotte's Web, drawing on the board with Daddy, and talking. We woke up right as the school bells were ringing. Samantha cuddled an extra long time with Daddy and then we saw him off. (Usually he would be home on Mondays, but he went out with my Papaw today.) We began with Pilates. Then took our time getting ready and eating, feeding the animals and walking the dog. We cleaned and we played together. We continued our Body Study, and did some awesome Respiratory System Experiments, read some books on the body, and played on Samantha's new Math Mat Game! And my favorite part was when we took our Sketch Books outside for Nature Study. Nature Studies are an amazing quiet time when we cuddle up in a comfy spot outside and find something nature related to draw and talk about. We sometimes add scripture to our drawings, quotes, or nothing at all. (Of course Sam requires some assistance on this.) We study the flower or animal or type of weather we choose. And then we pray. So peaceful and a great time to wind down, talk about our feelings, or just sit.

We made lunch together today. Played pretend. And picked Brennon up from his first day of school, a little early, which cut our day a bit short. After Jessie got home, we took them to Sonic for Slushies and to the playground. Then went to my Mom's for dinner and games.

We look forward to gymnastics stating in mid September. (When we went to the College Campus to sign her up and saw thre gym, the pool, the people. We were both in awe.) And her Homeschool group starting at the end of September. (Boy is she excited for the Not Back To School Picnic!)

 I know. I so know this is right for us. I have known since the beginning, but now that the anxiety of, "The Day She SHOULD Be Going To School" has passed, I am even MORE assured this is for us. The whole experience. The wholesome education she will receive. Makes it all worth it. I know there will be some "Not So Good" days. Days where we are rushing around. Days where we are both moody. Or just plain bored. But those are few and far between. Days like this make days like that totally worth it.

Side Note: Today has not all been a dream though. We did have two issues arise that we need to work through, but fortunately we will have all the time in the world to sort through them.

Samantha is having self esteem issues lately. Instead of comparing herself to her peers, which I know is common around this age, she compares herself to me, and it is causing her a lot of mental stress. I want to help her, but I am not exactly sure how. I have received some advice from a few women with daughters who have done the same thing, and I am hoping we can take care of it as soon as possible.

The second issue is that Samantha's sugar is getting worse. She has been way nauseous more frequently the last few days and her vision started blurring today after she had sugar. She almost passed out, so we are taking her to the Doctor tomorrow to hopefully get some answers. She has been tested before, but it was negative. I know something is wrong, but we are not sure what. 

*I will add pictures at the end of the week when I write another update.* 

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