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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Reading Progress

Samantha has really impressed me with her progress on reading these past few weeks! We only work on it a few days a week since my little brother is here on Tuesday and Thursday. I didn't think we were getting much done, but the last few days she has really shown me her knowledge. She will randomly "build words." Yesterday she spelled C-A-T. (Then when she realized I was listening she started saying, "C-A-T-I-O. lol) She was also making letters with her colored pencils yesterday. She would say, "That is an N." I looked over, and sure enough, she had made an N with her colored pencils. (Not writing. She was just putting them together to make letters.) She made all kinds of letters. We also like to use flash cards. She will quiz me and I will quiz her. She has the first few letters now like it's nothing. She will say, "That is the letter C. C says "c" like in cake." Then on to the next letter. Today I think we are going to have a letter day. Watch the Little Leap Letter Movie on Netflix. Play some Word World games online, and hopefully the Word World book I ordered will be in today. I also cleared off the refrigerator so that we can do the letter magnets and maybe finger paint some letters on there. I guess I should go get everything set up before she wakes up though.

Also, I will be posting week 9's lessons at the end of the week with my Week 10 post. I got a little behind this weekend because the holiday and all.  

Update: Samantha did great yesterday! She started sounding out words with me! She didn't do so well with the fingerpaints, but it was fun for her, and that is all that matters. We did magnets, paints, movies, games, books. I can't wait to have another Word Day when she starts to improve even more. We are one step closer to that Library Card! 

Her first word she sounded out was POT.

We learned Big letters and Little letters.

After doing her day's lesson on Space, she started to play with her crayons again and make letters.

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