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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Week 12: Father's Day

Father's Day was a little mixed up, since they weren't actually lessons, and she did them after Jessie got home. 

Monday: We read the book "Papa and Little Loon" from the Imagination Library. We would have read "I Love You, Daddy Bear," but I couldn't find it! We read it a few nights before and I set it out because I knew we'd be reading it soon...Now I can't find it. 

Tuesday: Samantha spent some time with Daddy. :) She had him be her Baby. They played doctor and then she they played House. 

Wednesday: We did a Father's Day booklet. There were several pages. The first page I typed HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO A GREAT DAD, and I had them trace over the letters. They both did very well. The second page was a picture of Samantha and Jessie the day she was born and then a recent one. For Brennon, since I didn't have any picture of him and his Dad together, I did one of his as a Baby and then one  recent one I took. The next page I did a poem and then their hand and foot prints. They colored a picture on the next page, and then Samantha did a page filled with coupons and a pocket full of stuff she wanted to give him like a penny and a coloring page. Brennon's had a message to his Dad on the back.  It said, "I got a new toy, oh and I Love you." 

Thursday: We made Jessie a special dinner. 

Friday: They watched a movie together, Jessie's choice. 

This week is Summer Fun!!! 

Also, there is a picture of Jessie's Father's Day Gift. It is a gas grill. It has a HUGE burger capacity. Top racks for cooking things like corn or keeping buns warm. It also has a side gas burner in case you want to make chili or something. He LOVES it! 

She put him down for a nap. 

The top one is Samantha's. The bottom is Brennon's. 

Jessie's Father's Day Gift. Him and my Brother made dinner that night. 

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