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Friday, June 3, 2011

Week Nine: Polar Climates and Week Ten: Space

Monday: We read the book "First Book About Animals of the Polar Regions," another book we checked out from the Library. It was pretty much the same format as last week's book. Same author and everything, different information. 

Tuesday: We went "Ice Fishing" in the bath tub. I just dumped in a bunch of ice and ran a little cold water. I bought one of those cheap fishing poles at the dollar store. I wish I could have found a different one though because this one was sort of difficult for Samantha. You actually had to hook the fish. I wanted a magnetic one or something a big easier. It was actually hard for me, but she REALLY enjoyed the activity. She didn't want to stop. 

Wednesday: We did "Ice Paintings." You are supposed to freeze ice and stick a popsicle stick in it, but that didn't work, but they really enjoyed having the cold ice on their hands. They turned out pretty well, but just a little advice, don't use children's finger paints from Crayola. Since they are supposed to wash off easy with water, the paint didn't want to stick to the ice cubes. Ha Ha. I should have thought about that.

Thursday: We made ice cream in a baggie! YUM!

Friday: We watched Ice Age. I figured that would be fun, to watch an actual movie, not just a TV show. We are also going to rent the rest from Netflix and watch them all over time. 

This week we didn't do much. Things are back on track, but I haven't been able to go to the store and pick up supplies for art or baking because we are in a terrible heat wave. It's awful! At 8:30 last night, it was 94 degrees! I am just not used to that!!! 

Monday: We didn't get to read a book. We didn't make it to the library. :( 

Tuesday: We went outside and talked about the moon and starts, and even the sun. 

Wednesday: I drew out a "planets diagram," and had her practice drawing circles. Then she got to color the planets. 

Thursday: We did not bake...

Friday: We watched Cilou, the space episode. 

They were telling each other the ice was cold.

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