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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Week 11: Earth's Plants

This is the lesson we skipped awhile back because Jessie was on vacation. I was so excited to get to do this one finally. 

Monday: We read the book "Oscar Otter." It wasn't necessarily about plants, but it showed pictures of a bunch of different plants and we were able to talk about them as we read. The pictures were very detailed and they included things like Lily Pads and Cat Tails, flowers, etc. 

Tuesday: We planted flowers, which have already started sprouting!!! How exciting! It has only been a few days. 

Wednesday: I drew a tree and the Babies colored the trees and used the leaves that we went outside to gather and glued them on the page where the leaves go. 

Thursday: We used different snack foods to make a flower, and then we ate them. 

Friday: We watched an episode of Sid the Science Kid about the importance of leaves. 

PS Next week are Father's Day festivities! 

The Babies Together-They are so cute!!!

My Flower

Samantha's Flower

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