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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Week 28: Senses

This week was the sense-hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, and touching. 

We continued to do "Circle Time" with music-usually her Dr. Jean CD, a book-usually a Level One Reader from the library, her list of sight words, the clock and the calendar/weather chart. 

Monday: We read part of her anatomy book. It's a short book with a page about the senses and stuff and then each organ system. 

Tuesday: I asked her questions like, "What do you hear with?" And she would answer. Then we would walk around and listen for different sounds. We did that for each sense. She really enjoyed it. 

Wednesday: Still waiting for the church to catch up. 

Thursday: We did "texture paintings" with salt and powdered sugar and such. She did NOT like it. She has always been picky about textures, so she didn't do it more than a second before she said, "Um. I don't like this." We also did some more Fall art. We cut apples in half and made apple prints. 

Friday: We cooked. And as we did, I let her touch the different stuff and smell the spices. Porkchops was a good choice for this one because we dip them in milk and egg and then put them in the pancake mix. She got to feel those too, and smell them. Then she was able to hear the grease popping. And of course taste it all and touch it. 

Saturday: We played Simon Says. And I would say, "Simon says, Touch your ears." And them I would ask her, "Do you smell with your ears?" Etc. 

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