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Monday, October 10, 2011

Week 27: Time

So this week I have been struggling with the decision of whether or not to do some somewhat formal homeschooling with her. I say no because she is so young and I do not want to burn her out. But I say yes because she is at the age where she is starting to ask about school and get excited about it, and I want to encourage that!

Jessie and I talked about it and decided to do like a small 30 minute session of "school" each day. I sit out her materials around lunch time in the area of her choice, usually the back porch. And then I just let her decide when she wants to do it. She will just sit down and say, "Let's do the calendar!" or something along those lines. I got a big bulletin in board calendar with the month, date, day, "Yesterday and Tomorrow," and the weather on it. I also put all her school supplies in the hall closet. (There was nothing in it, and it is right next to her room, so it works, like an extension. So far she has an activity mat, some parachutes-like the ones used in gym class in Elementary School, a Judy Clock, a Rubber Band Shapes Board, Counting Bears, Tangrams, some books with puppet characters, a bunch of art supplies, and some other small stuff. I really want to get some primary colored plastic tubs like the pastel ones in her room. It think it would look a lot more organized that way. I guess one thing at a time.

I think she likes this new idea. We always do her calendar, some site words-10 every two weeks from the pre-primer dolch words list, read a book from the library-a Level 1 Reader, and then her activity for the day, whatever it is.

So with that said, this week was Time.

Monday-We read her "Judy Clock" interactive book. Then we listened to some songs by Dr. Jean "Days of the Week" and "Months of the Year."

Tuesday-We played with the Judy Clock. I had Brennon that day so I had one of them pick a time and move the clock to that time. (We just worked on hours.) And then the other one acted out that time. Like 9 o'clock was wake up time. And 12 o'clock was lunch time.

Wednesday-Still waiting so that we are aligned with the church.

Thursday-We drew her favorite time of day. She chose snack time and she drew herself eating grapes. However, she once she decided she was done with her picture, she started drawing something random over it, which she normally does. So you can't tell what it is.

Friday-We used a timer when we were cooking dinner.

Sami Eating Grapes

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