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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Week 29: My Body and Week 30: Halloween

Week 29's lessons were about the Body. 

Monday: We read the rest of her anatomy book. She really enjoyed it. She has always been interested in Anatomy. (I took Anatomy class when she was a little Baby and I would read my stuff to her and teach her the stuff. I ended up teaching her all her bones, and she still knows them!)

Tuesday: We watched the movie Curious Buddies: Let's Move because it got her moving and dancing and jumping and everything. 

Wednesday: Still waiting for the church to catch up. 

Thursday: We were supposed to trace her body and color it and everything, but I did not get to get any of that butcher paper. :/ 

Friday: No cooking project. (Apparently we were slacking off this week.)

Week 30 was Halloween-another fun week. I Love the holiday and season lessons. 

Monday: We read a book from the library, and I can't remember what it is called because we already returned it. Jessie picked it out. It was a Level One reader about a truck on being scared on Halloween. 

The rest of her week was getting ready for and incorporated in her "Halloween Party" with my little brother where we listed to Halloween music, played games, painted pumpkins, and baked cookies. I also let them watch the movie Toy Story because they were both Toy Story characters, and we ditched Netflix, so we couldn't watch a Halloween show on it. And On Demand didn't have anything good for kids really. (Anything that they like or anything they hadn't already seen.) 

(We were supposed to do foot print ghosts and fist pumpkins, but I forgot, so even though it is after Halloween, we may do them today.)

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