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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Week 16: Cause and Effect

The cause and effect week turned out pretty well.
Monday: We read "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie..." This was a HUGE hit with the babies because I had a stuffed mouse to go with it. The got to take turns holding it and hearing all the silly things the mouse asked to do. They made me read it to them everyday for the rest of the week...I am still reading it.

Tuesday: We went around the house looking to see what things caused what. We opened the refrigerator and saw the light turn on. We flipped the light switch. We turned the TV off and on. Etc.

Wednesday: We took different art supplies and saw what each one did. For example, we talked about how the markers made different colors on the paper. (The whole point of this was to say, "There is a blue line on the paper BECAUSE I marked on it with a marker." I was trying to get a point across because the babies still say things like, "My cup fell." "Why?" "Because it just did fall.") We also took Samantha Color Me a Song by Crayola and used it because the faster you color, the faster the music goes, and I wanted them to see the correlation between the two.

Thursday: We baked blonde brownies so we could see what effect the oven had on our batter. They were awesome! Hubby LOVED that activity because he got to eat them. (Forgot to take pics.)

Friday: We watched more Word World. W Drought. When "W" was taken out of the word "Water," it turned it into "ater."

I will have to look up what next week is...To be honest, I don't remember. 

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