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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Week 15: Transportation

The transportation unit was a little tough, believe it or not.  But we got most of our activities done. Although, it ended up more of a unit about cars instead. :)
Monday: We were going to read the "Seals on the Bus," but the Babies opted for some of Brennon's Carz books. 

Tuesday: We looked for and named different types of transportation. 

Wednesday: We painted with Hot Wheels cars. We rolled them through the paint and onto the paper. Brennon opted out of this, but Samantha really enjoyed it. 

Thursday: I just couldn't think of anything...

Friday: I could not find a show, but to be honest, I just don't think I tried hard enough. Too much going on this week trying to get the house re-decorated and going here and there. 

This week is Cause and Effect. This is a fun one because there is so a wide range of things that could go with this unit. 

Also, I ordered a new book called "Home Learning Year by Year-How to Build a Curriculum from Pre-School Through High School." So far it is great, pretty detailed about what they need to know. And has some AWESOME resources to use from websites to books to places to go, but it doesn't actually tell you HOW to get started like I thought it would. I am still a bit confused about that. Also, the curriculum fair is coming up next week. I hope I get to go...Gotta find a way though...Not sure if I like Hubby working Saturdays anymore. It gets in the way of a lot.   

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