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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


So I have been thinking more and more about building my own curriculum during Samantha's elementary school years. And I think I have decided that is what I want to do. Looking at all the fun possibilities out there! Join a few good websites with good material. Follow the state standards and build my own lessons. Oh the fun we will have! There will be so many options! And I am great at integrating standards. This all comes so naturally to me! So I have been looking around on all the homeschool sites and I keep hearing this term called..."Lapbooking?" Hmm...Okay, well what comes to my mind is some sort of game on the LAPtop. So I thought, "I wonder if Samantha is old enough for it yet?" So I begin to Google these "non-exsistent lapbooking websites," when I realize lapbooking has nothing to do with laptops! It is actually a hands on activity dealing with all areas of academics where a child learns one topic and compiles all the information into a chart-like design. It is very neat. It involves reading to get the information, technology to find print offs and such, vocabulary, motor skills like cutting, pasting, coloring, etc. Critical thinking and organization skills. Thinking about having to decide what information goes best together and then having to organize it logically. It could even involve math or science, depending on the topic and what is included in the board. Ah...How I cannot wait.

This is one done by an older child on Leonardo da Vinci. Mostly because I could not find one done by a younger kid without the kid in the picture. I am sure the parents would not appreciate that...

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