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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Library Fun

I really want to get Samantha familiar with the library, so I thought a bi-weekly trip would help. (If I could drive, we would probably go twice a week, but I know Jessie doesn't want to spend all his free time at the library, so we are going every other week.) I am going to get two weeks' worth of books for her lessons each time we go. This week we got "My First Book..." about plains and one on the arctic. We also got a DVD that goes over the sounds of each letter, and then I got a book on "The First Year of Homeschooling." They didn't have any about curriculums, so I figured I would get the book this time, and then next time I will get online and have the library order one from another location.
Samantha had a blast. She stayed quiet and she sat at a table with Daddy and they read books. He said he must have read a million books, and she sat quietly for each one of them! She LOVES to read. And I found out that she can get a card now. She doesn't have to wait until she is in school. She will be SO EXCITED to get her own card. I just know it! I am excited too. 
They were reading. It was real sweet.

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