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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

So I Get It...But

So I get it...I have my own views and everybody has their own views. Nobody would have the views they do if they thought they were wrong. Not everybody is underinformed or doesn't do their research. In fact, many people do their research, but there are so many differing opinions and "studies" out there, we just have to choose what to believe based on what our gut tells us and what our own experiences are or even religious backgrounds.

What offends me, however, is when someone thinks I get my goodies from watching my child suffer just because I believe in letting fevers run their course and using natural/herbal remedies. I was already teetering on the edge of not taking Samantha back to the doctor. In fact, we stopped taking her for well check ups, as I was tired of having them pushing vaccines, and it seems like a scam to have regular visits if you ask me. (Seeing as they were surprised that I feed S healthy foods, and almost made it sound as if I were being extreme in not letting her eat sugary cereals. Yah-she doesn't even know what Fruit Loops are. Anyway, that tells me that doctors are in the business of medicine. Of "getting you better when you are sick", not keeping you healthy beforehand or afterward.) N-E-Way, after today we are done. In the past we had a doctor who was totally supportive of our views and didn't question them, but today I had a doctor look at me and say, "That's stupid. Silver? How can putting precious metals in a child's body be healthy? What's next, gold?" And when I explained to him what colloidal silver was, he scoffed and said, "Bring her back in a few days when she is still sick and we will get her some real medicine." Um. Excuse me? Does he not know that silver was used for centuries? As a doctor, he should know what the main antibiotic used for hundreds of years is and how it works!" And another thing that tells me, since he doesn't know, they must not be learning anything about old medicines. They are learning about pharmaceuticals and that is just sad. We will no longer go to a place that can be paid off, a place that doesn't care about my child or her health, but about money and status.

So my question is, mostly, why is it okay for someone to say, "We go to McDonalds every night for dinner." That is totally fine. But if I say something like, "We only allow whole, healthy foods except on special occasions when I'd hate for her to be left out." that is just extreme. You know what is extreme? The health crisis in America! Why is okay for someone to say, "I just ate a whole bag of Oreos. They were double stuffed. So GOOD!" But if I say, "We made some homemade brownies today. They were delicious. I finally found some healthier M and M alternatives at Earth Fare to put in them." I am "showing off" or "stuck up." Why does that make sense? Why is it okay for someone to give antibiotics to their kid, knowing the many many potential side effects, but if I say we want to use Silver, I am neglectful and a bad Mom, and I am just being stuck up? WHAT???!!! Urg. I so just need to vent.

As I stated before, everyone sees things differently. I don't know many people who have all the same beliefs that I do, which is okay, that doesn't make either of us worse or better than the other. But I should not have to worry about DFACS being called every time I mention something about my parenting style, which comes as natural to me as it does any other parent, just because I don't do things the same way everybody else does! It's ridiculous. I am going to lose my cool if another person say something to me inferring that I don't care about my child because I do such n such. MER!!!

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