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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Cloud Nine

I am totally on Cloud Nine right now! I have THE perfect Hubby! Just when I don't think he is romantic enough-not his personality-he always does something small or says something small that means more to me than 2 dozen roses and a candle lit dinner. Ha. Like the other day we were watching Fast and Furious 6. It showed the lives of each person. Some were partying. Some were traveling. One guy was in the front yard of his house talking to his wife and playing with his kid, and my Husband said, "That's where I would be." Sometimes, because he is so adventurous, and we try to adventure with him-within our physical limits, I feel like we hold him back. So I said, "Really?!" To which he replied, "Yah. I don't want to party or sleep around. I'd rather be at home with my family." I melted. He was so nonchalant, like it should have been so obvious that is how he felt. He wasn't TRYING to be sweet, but he has no idea how much that meant to me to hear that.

Then today I was so tickled by another comment Hubby made. We were discussing some things that went on in a public school I visited today. I mentioned I felt like they were robbing the children of some amazing sensory experiences. Just things here and there. Things I notice that not many people think about. We talked about how sensory experiences are such an important part of childhood, and that lead to "school in a box" homeschooling, which works for some people, don't get me wrong, but it isn't for us. Hubby made a comment about how he didn't see the point in it. (Which, initially that is what he WANTED me to do to make sure she "learns everything she needs to learn." I see why people homeschool using a curriculum as opposed to sending them to school. It is about one on one, going their pace, adjusting the curriculum, picking the curriculum, taking less time, BEING THERE to see your child learn...But anyway...) He told me if I did that, he would have just told me Samantha needed to go to school instead because it is the same thing-even though it really isn't. Then. He. Said. "I like what you do with her. She learns a lot and she actually gets to actually be a kid!" I almost died. Again, he doesn't realize how much those comments mean to me, and maybe I read into it more than I should, but that tells he that he thinks highly of the way I parent, which is something I don't take lightly. I do everything I can to understand what it is like to be a child and to be MY child. And I want to make childhood something enjoyable for her. Something she will look back and say, "That is how I want MY child to grow up." Gosh, today was a good day. Nothing is going to get me down. 

I love my Husband. God put us together so that we could grow together and change together. So that I could bring out another side of him and he could bring out another side of me. I can hear God's calling for our future, faintly, but it is something big. 

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