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Friday, September 20, 2013

Not Back To School Picnic

Ugh. Today drug by as we anxiously awaited the annual Not Back To School Picnic. This would be Samantha's first, and neither one of us could wait. We spent the day like a normal day. We read. Played games. Played on the computer. And we baked brownies to put on the dessert table at the picnic.

When the time came, we left the house super early-as usual. We were the first ones there, and we met the President of the group. She talked to us. I felt a little akward at first. Sam was being super shy, and I didn't really know what to say. I had the same thought I had at the beginning of McKays Homeschool Day..."This is going to be a disaster."

The Group President's Husband heard Samantha talking about finding someone to play with, so when a group of girls arrived, he walked her over to them and introduced her. That was it. For the rest of the night, she ran off to play with them.

They spent the whole time playing with some kittens they found, playing softball and doing cartwheels in the field. She found a friend to tell jokes with. And they played lots of games that they had lined up for the picnic.

She had a blast. I watched her from across the field most of the night. Except during the games. She came back up to the pavillion. She played with kids of all ages. The highschoolers didn't mind her. They let her join right in. The kids her age, well, of course they got along really well, just being typical 5 year olds.

As for me, I didn't have time to be lonely or quiet. One Mom after another came up to me and introduced themselves. They told me about the group and all the super neat activities coming up. I recognized a few people from the area, and one of the Moms recognized me from storytime at the library. We instantly hit it off. And she told me about the elementary playgroup getting together to play dodge ball this coming up Friday. Which, we will totally be there. So many nice ladies, and they helped us to feel so welcome. We fit right in there. All this talk about lessons and field trips. It is just so exciting, and it makes Samantha and me BOTH feel less lonely. She has countless homeschooled "friends" now. I know this year will be a year full of new fun activities and good friends.

They already have a field trip planned to see replicas of Columbus's ships-which Jessie is taking off work for so that he can join us, the cowboy museum, and the Enchanted Corn Maze...That is just in the next month. Not to mention the playdates and Fall parties. They also have a Thanksgiving Dinner, Christmas party, Valentines Day Skate Party, and Field Day! Oh, the things this year will hold...

Samantha Dressed Up and Ready For the Picnic

Meeting New Friends

Playing Games

New Friends

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