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Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Today was Samantha's second Gymnastics class. We are really getting into a routine, and gymnastics is an awesome way to break up the week, amongst other things like the Center, bi-weekly Library trips, and soon the Georgia Homeschool Support Group.

We like to go swimming or to the playground down the road before or after gymnastics. And I also discovered all the stores, except one, that I shop at on a regular basis for groceries, toiletries, gifts, etc. are in the small, sweet little town of Collegedale, which makes running errands super easy and accessible for me now

Sam and I both made a "friend" today.

Sam was so excited after class to tell me about Hannah, her new friend, who is 7. She was telling me how they  became friends. And how they got to choose their partners and "Hannah chose her!" She told me what they talked about. (I saw them giggling and talking during class. They were "reminded" to keep doing their "bunk bed" exercises. And even though she had to be reminded to focus, it made me happy to see her doing what she was doing. Just being a kid and making friends on her own, laughing, and having fun.) I hope they become good friends, because I know that would make her happy beyond measure.

Then it was my turn. I got to tell Samantha about my new "friend."  A lady sat next to me at the beginning of class and it wasn't long before we began talking. She was so easy to talk to. And it was neat talking to someone who is going through the same stuff. She has 3 kids, ages 10, 7, and 4. (Her 7 year old is a girl, and Sam likes her.) We talked about everything from teaching younger kids, to lessons when they are older. How to incorporate the Bible. And how to make learning fun. We talked about family, kids, Gymnastics and other activities. We joked about how kids grow into their humor and some of the jokes they make. We laughed about Science experiments all over the house and maps on the wall. And as we parted she said, "We'll talk some more on Thursday." (Which seems so simple, but made me feel like maybe we actually fit into the homeschool community.) It was nice to be on the other side of the conversations that I have heard at the library, out in public, and even the first day of class.

This Friday is the Not Back To School Picnic, which Sam has been counting down for. (She has a book with a character who is homeschooled. It mentions a Not Back to School Picnic, and that excites her.) Hopefully she'll fund someone she clicks with there.

Side Note: Sam has asked to set up a Lemonade stand, so we have spent a lot of time this week planning for it. We talked about investing her allowance. (She is buying her own stuff.) We also discussed taking out a loan to start a business. Planning what she'll need and finding a recipe for Lemonade. The best routes to save money. Where to set up. And how to give change. We are making her sign tomorrow and she wants to set up next week. It's such an exciting adventure, and so much to learn. 

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