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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Week 39: Nursery Rhymes

Last week's topic was nursery rhymes. We did a lot of fun activities with this one. We all really enjoyed it.

Tuesday: (We moved Bible lessons to Tuesdays, that way we don't start a topic, and then have the Bible lesson in between activities.) This week-we started over with Creation. We went outside and talked about all the things that God made. We came back inside and read the story of Creation. 

Wednesday: We were supposed to go to Story Time, but it was storming really bad, so we didn't get to. Since I did not have Brennon Wednesday because my Mom was off work, Samantha and I laid around all day. We sat in bed and read books for hours. It was so much fun. I was glad to get some one-on-one time with her. We went to the library after the storm passed. Samantha loaded up on books. She was so excited. For her lesson, we read a Nursery Rhyme book called, "Lucy Cousins Book of Nursery Rhymes." And listened to the "Nursery Rhyme Rap" by Dr. Jean. 

Thursday: We did the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" rhyme. I wrote three words and drew a picture to go with each word on an index card. The three words were "Spider," "Rain," and "Sun." As we said the rhyme, each person held up their word as it came up. We did the rhyme fast, slow, forwards, and backwards. We swapped out words. They had a good time. 

Friday: Friday was our art activity. We colored Humpty Dumpty eggs, and then dropped them on the floor. (I thought they would LOVE the activity, but they were really hesitant. They ended up really enjoying it, but at first they were like..."Eh...I don't want to get dirty." lol. 

Saturday: We did our cooking activity. Muffins for "Do You Know The Muffin Man?" 

I talked to one of the ladies at the co-op here in Catoosa county. I am waiting to hear back from her about sitting in one day soon to see how it works. She said if we like it, she will schedule us an interview and sign her up for the co-op-to start the preschool in August! I cannot believe my baby is that old already-old enough for school! WHAT?! I don't really want to put her in preschool to learn, because I don't think she NEEDS it, but more for getting around more kids in a structured environment, and it is only a few hours a week, so it is more like a giant weekly play date. I hope to hear more about it soon! 

He was like, "Uh...are you sure about this?"

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