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Saturday, February 4, 2012

February Weeks

Well, we were supposed to do a Fairy Tale topic, but we didn't. Been busy lately, keeping them running with story time and play dates and  looking around for co-ops and homeschool activities. I went to look at February's planned topics, and for some reason, THERE WAS NONE! Apparently I skipped the whole month of February when I wrote out the year's topics. So, I decided I would attempt the "unschooling method" (where you let them take the lead) for the month. It isn't like they will get behind. They are 3. They don't even have to "do school" and they will still learn. 

But to my surprise, Samantha noticed we weren't having lessons, and she looked straight at me and said, "I want to learn about butterflies. Can we do lessons on that?" So we have. They are more informal. I took away the calendar. I decided they are just too young. And we just do our lessons anywhere and everywhere. We checked out books from the library on butterflies. We have watched some videos about butterflies transforming. Listened to songs about caterpillars. And I am wanting to go find some of those rubber butterflies and caterpillars for her to play with. Do some butterfly art-lots of good ideas out there. And maybe go outside this Spring and make a butterfly feeder or look for some butterflies, if she is still interested at that point. 

I really want to start listening to her. She shows even more interest when she chooses the topic and when we learn and where, weather it is outside, in the car, or in the living room. One night, before bed, we were laying down, and she just kept asking question after question about butterflies. She learned a lot, and she remembers it too! And I am learning also, because I am looking up stuff to answer her questions! 

Did you know butterflies have an all liquid diet? And that caterpillars only eat plants. And did you ever wonder what eats a butterfly? All kinds of animals! Ants, snakes, birds, lizards, and MONKIES! And in some countries, humans eat them as a delicacy! 

I never knew I could learn so much myself! And these are things that I truly believe will stick with me. And I hope they stick with Sam. 

As far as the co-op hunt goes, I am touring one on Friday. And I will be talking to the YMCA in my area to get more information about their homeschool activities. I think I like their idea better because it is all physically active stuff, no academics. I can take charge of those at home. That way there is no mixing of learning styles or curriculums. But she can't start there until she is 5. 

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