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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

More Links and Getting Ready

New Sites I Have Found: 


http://www.letshomeschool.com/ This site has all kinds of cool articles about fieldtrips, socialization, homeschool groups, even curriculum!

http://homeschooling.gomilpitas.com/trips/FieldTrips.htm This site is A to Z fieldtrips for every state!

http://www.mothergooseclub.com/rhymes.php (A Reference for me really. I need it for next week's lessons. But it has all kinds of nursery rhymes by category.)

Medicine is working. New year has begun. And I am ready to jump back into Samantha's education. I have been questioning weather or not I am tiring Samantha out on education and not letting her learn through play or if I am just helping further her interest in learning. After reading article after article and thinking about all we have done in the last year alone, I have decided that we will continue doing what we are doing because I truly believe that we are making memories and just having fun. She is learning so much about the world around her and enjoying herself at the same time. I never force her to do activities and she gets excited about the calendar we go over and the books we look at. Nothing is too formal. 

Samantha starts back "school" next Tuesday. That will give me time to get her lesson plans started for the year. Today I have just been looking at articles about preschool homeschool benefits and such. We are defiitely not starting anything formal until Kindergarten though. Tomorrow I will probably go over her topics for her unit studies some more and see if I need to add or subtract anything. For the most part we will keep last year's topics and do more complex activities now that she is older. I am also continuing to do more reading about homeschool how-to's, tips and advice, and different topics like socialization. Hopefully this will give us a better start and this year will be better. 

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