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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Week 31: Food

This week went well. We added a few more things to "Rug Time." These were added per Samantha's request. We are practicing writing her name I used a website awhile back where you type in their name or whatever word you want them to practice and it will print it out on that lined paper that kids use to learn to write. Anyway, I put that in a plastic page protector so she can use a dry erase marker and try over and over. She is doing really well at it. 

I also re-organized her school closet. She has so much school stuff it is hard to keep neat. She has her calendar, art supplies, Judy Clock things, counting bears, tangrams, lacing cards, homemade games, her parachute and bean bags, etc. It looks amazing now though. I took a trip to the Dollar Tree and bought a bunch of plastic bins and school supplies and even posters. (There were 2 posters in each pack for $1.00.) They had all kids of posters. I grabbed posters that I knew would work for the next few years. I got shapes and colors, which she already knows, but it is nice to have for the word recognition. Alphabet and numbers. Just as reminders. Days of the week. Months of the year, which we are working on. And then short and long vowel sounds. Which we will get to, but not quite yet. We are struggling with the next step in reading still, so I am taking it one day at a time. She is still young. No reason to push her. Point is that she is recognizing that letters make words and words represent things. She still sounds them out and she can recognize words like on the EXIT signs and STOP signs, but she is nowhere near fluent with her reading a book or something.

Anyway, our topics for the whole month will be "Food" related, in celebration of the upcoming holiday, Thanksgiving. 

Monday: We read the book "Pancakes for Breakfast," a book they introduced to us in Kindermusik. 

Tuesday: We went through her plastic foods and sorted them out by type. Fruit, Vegetable, Dairy. Etc. 

Wednesday: Still waiting for the church to catch up. I am about to just move forward.

Thursday: Samantha and Brennon made fruit and vegetable baskets. I cut them out. They colored them and glued them. Samantha did vegetables. He did fruits. 

Friday: We tried a new recipe for dinner. A new type of lasagna. YUM, I must say. 

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