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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

DH and I talked to the lawyer today.
We found out a lot of information.
And we decided to go forward.

The lawyer we chose is the Husband of one of my friends in S's homeschool group. I chose him because I knew we would not receive judgement from someone who already knows us. Who already knows our full story. (As we know his.) And who already knows we aren't just taking this lightly.

He gave us answers about some of the laws we were unclear on. He tried to help us weasel around other things. (I guess that is his job.) He gave us prices and procedures. And had said he will vouch for us in the case that he does find a family who chooses adoption. (He works in the juvenile courts and deals with infants taken by DFACS. And has pull. Unfortunately, the only Catoosa County Hospital we have is closing down next month.)

I expected for J to want to discuss it over the next week or so.  But when the lawyer asked if we were wanting sooner rather than later,  I looked to him and he said,  "Sooner." Our lawyer said he may have a family in mind,  but it may not pan out. He may get a call tomorrow but he may not hear anything for a year.

I'm very nervous.  We have decided to stay open to children between 1 and 3 years. Boy or Girl. We all REALLY want a baby girl.  But we know we can't turn away whatever God gives us. You take the gender chance even when you get pregnant so...

Tomorrow the search begins. I will start our adoption profile in the morning. As well as call my friend who had offered to share her whole experience and show us her book.  Then I will begin advertising. It is illegal in GA but not addressed in TN so we will be crossing state lines for all of that.

DH is actually really excited.  He keeps saying, "Happy Wife. Happy Life." But he also keeps asking how soon we can start looking.

It seems to be moving so fast - as many things in our lives do such as having S, buying the house,  J switching jobs....but I'm thankful for that because I know once this initial stuff stops it will slow down and be just as anxiety filed as TTC. Which we are going to continue to do also.

S is excited but we are trying not to get her too excited. She is already learning some of the process and I'm trying to involve her the same way we would in a pregnancy. But I know we are chancing heartbreak.  You always chance heartbreak whether you lose a baby or you don't find a child to adopt. S has already faced loss though and I don't want to see her experience more. :(

On to the profile....

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