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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Unschooling Blurbs

Life has become more interesting since we began totally unschooling. Our days are filled with even more laughter and play than before. And I can tell a difference in the way she is learning. (Summer really seemed to be the start of our decompression time and so we have had the last 3 or 4 months to get in the habit of not being required to do anything. I don't even enforce the schedule we started with in August because we all feel she is doing enough completely by her own desire.)

Anywho, unschooling makes the day unique and the things I hear from the mouth of a "free child" as many unschooling advocates call it, are - to say the least - different.

Here are some from today.

*Wakes up* First Words.

"Will you read me a billion chapters in my mystery book?" "As many as you will sit for, Baby."

One chapter later....

"I want to play some math games instead of reading." "Okay. I'm going to work on our puzzle."

This has been a Blessing. Both of us being able to pick seperate activities and work at the same time in the room together. Seven is great.

While transitioning between "activities" S usually gets bored. So today she goes to playing with scrap paper laying out on the table. She folds it into a paper airplane and says,

"Do you mind if I stand on the counter?" " I don't care." "Good. My paper airplane needs to make it to the moon. Astronomy, Baby. Astronomy."

After crashing them into the floor for the millionth time while trying to find the perfect tragectory...

"Um. Excuse me, Lady from Astronaut Planet. Will you pick up my 5 aliens? I'll pay you in space money-5 moons. That's equal to 5 of your Earth dollars."

While trying to explain to S why learning about acids and bases is applicable, she shakes her head and pats me. Tells me it is okay and that,

"It actually wouldn't matter in normal life, but since I am preparing for my life as a Scientist, it is important."

Total relief on my part because it was hard for me to find an explanation on why it mattered enough to take an hour out of our day to learn it. Whew.

While cleaning up. She likes to set out anything she worked on during the day to show Daddy. This time she says,

"We will let Daddy figure out which of these PH papers goes with which substance. He He He. He won't know which is an acid and which is a base."

Yea. You go you mischievous genius. ;)

While mixing her chemicals while I wash dishes,

"Okay. Bored with that. On to the microscope. "


"Mommy, who holds you down when you had me?"

This one is funnier if I don't explain it.

"Peach or barf? No way!...I'm not eating baby wipes either!"

While I am bathing she tends to feel the need to sit beside me on the toilet and strum on the laundry basket.

Because, "I am trying to find which makes a higher pitch. You know, like we saw on How It Works: Music Boxes. Oh that was cool. Nerd Squad!"

"My turn to teach you."

"You look cute. But...when you have your clothes on you look even better." Thanks....Sam. Children are honest - even when they aren't unschooled. lol

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