Unschooling: Living Without School; Living Free Range-Freedom to Learn What One Wants When One Wants

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Ahhh. I feel so refreshed. My precious 6 year old (for 11 more days) lies asleep in the back seat. My fishy smelling Husband puts his hand on my leg in the front seat. It doesn't get much better than this...

After a long day "kicking off" Heritage Girls with new friends (and old friends). Laying in the grass with my eyes closed listening to the water and hearing kids running everywhere, screaming, and laughing, swimming all over the place. Getting to spend some time playing with a toddler that belongs to a good friend of mine. Man, I Miss the toddler days. Dipping feet in and out of the water. Counting with them. Exploring. Everything so new. I also spent a good chunk of time watching my daughter fish with her Dad, riding bikes together, seeing her playing with friends, and learning more about how to canoe - which she decided she still doesn't like. My Husband next to me catching fish after fish with a friend. Weighing them. And me taking pics while a crowd gathers. The weather. Perfect. Windy. But not too windy. Warm. But not too warm. Just. Gorgeous. A perfect day.

Camp has been so laid back. It is like a giant group of unschoolers getting together and saying, "Let the kids be free!!!" Let them run barefoot. Let them spend their day making bamboo forts. It's okay if they don't want to participate in certain activities. They will do what they want on their own time. Want to feed the baby cow? Okay. Let's go! Want to ride the golf cart and Gator back and forth. Who is it hurting? Why not sit in a circle with an interesting adult while they tell you about catfishing, photography, or whatever else you want to know more about? Ride bikes? You got five hundred acres! See you later. Play with friends all day. Come back when your feet are blistered and you are ready for a nap. Eat when you want. Sleep when you want. Cook s'mores all day if you want. Climb trees. Set out everything you got and share. Chairs, food, toys, tents. Tend to each other's children. Do what you want. When you want. Learn how you want. And we will just be there to facilitate. Never has S felt so free with so much room to run and play and ride and live! I can't describe the feeling I know we all felt today. We wanted it to never end.

We didn't get to camp unfortunately. Unforeseen circumstances. But no complaints from me. Im feeling to positive. Camping is not in the cards for us this year and that's okay. We didn't let that ruin the day.

We are home now. All exhausted. Hanging in the office. Jessie on Minecraft. S drawing. And I'm blogging. About to do more of my puzzle. I'm so glad that S is getting to experience such a close knit active group that puts so much emphasis on service and God.

Next weekend - National AHG Day of Service.