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Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Ah. Just getting back into this Fall schedule. (Only 3 weeks left until Fall! Makes me a bit sad to see Summer go, but I will welcome the new season.)

Last week we spent a few days at home. Covered a lot on the Civil War and a little on caves. Still struggling with getting over that 2 o'clock hump. Both of us get tired. We have done a lot of work by then and it seems that mid day slump kicks in. I'm trying power naps for us. I force myself up after 15 minutes. Wake S up after 30. Some days we have activities that start at that time so we are too busy to feel tired, which is nice.

I've started feeling like I am just skimming the top on some subjects. "This is the war that began this year. Some say it was over slavery. Some say it was state rights. It was bloody. Here are some books. Look at the uniforms, ranks, and horses. The End." But there is so much more. What was life like? What events lead up to the war? How did people feel during that time? History was written by the winners. How do you think they twisted it? Ah. Yes. So much more to it. I need to be learning beforehand, not just WITH S. So I was up until 1 AM researching the war myself, reading articles, watching videos, and questioning which parts were true and which were twisted. Eh. So hard to know. We weren't there. So I had to make peace with it and tell myself to read both sides and take each with a grain of salt. I learned a lot last night/this morning. Made a list of meaningful activities and resources, reserved some good books. Gotva lot done.

Some days I am extremely motivated when I think we aren't doing enough. But I hear that is common for homeschooling families, weather you are using School In a Box, unit studies, eclectic....etc. Man, It's hard being a Mom these days. ;)

Any who, I found a lot about the Civil War. A little about caves. I did not know there were sand caves!!!! I found some new field trips. Barnsley Gardens is one-an old part of the Underground Railroad. (Something I never though to cover!) And I definitely can't wait for the reenactment this weekend! I hear it is wonderful-with lots of actors acting out the lifestyle of the day, a tour of the museum, and then the reenactment itself! Dad will be accompanying us on this one. S is very excited. While doing research, I even checked out some "work" for myself-Uncle Tom's Cabin. Always heard of it. Never read it, but seeing as it was an apparent catalyst of the war, it might be something interesting. Maybe I can funnel some of it down to S. Then again, maybe not.

We will bake some Civil War era foods and I know S will want to look at some art and fashion. As far as caves go, we have a decent list of experiments, but not much else, a few reference books. May ask S if she wants to write another paper.

Gymnastic placements are this week. Art co-op started today. Was VERY disorganuzed, so next week we agreed to be more prepared. The girls did finish their barefoot sandals however-very stylish. Next week will start crocheting. (Sam and I both will learn from this one.) Speaking of crochet, S received lots of money for her birthday that she says she wants to buy fabric with. Lots of fabric, so that will lead to something I'm sure. It is nice only planning for one day of gym this year. Leaves us an extra day at home. Even a good day for field trips that Daddy won't be joining us on. Um. Other than that, that is about it. Our year really just started but it is definitely going. Getting through some new obstacles, but that's every year.

Tomorrow is a new day at home. Who knows what we will do? Probably hardtack since we have milk for once...

Side Note: This blog is used as my journal to keep for S. Nothing more. Nothing less. Anything extra is a bonus. I post things how I see them. I try not to hold back. It is only for people to view if they want to see through my eyes. It is not meant to offend anyone, although I am sure it has and it will in the future. We all have our opinions, things we feel strongly about, and although I used to be insanely obsessed with the complete opposite of unschooling-school in a box, I gave it a try. This is how we live now and I don't prefer it any other way. It is by far not for everybody. I have had to work the last 3 years to gain the amount of patience and understanding I have now. (And I suppose it would take even longer if I had multiple children.) It is HARD, way harder than it appears to be. (It appears to be extremely easy!) Like I told SIL, sometimes we silently suffer because all the pressure put on parents about milestones and such. Some days it is really inconvinient. (Less so recently as it has become a long term lifestyle.) But, as it is, this blig and my SIL help me through. Both help me when talking myself down and even ranting-quite a bit lately, as it seems somebody always has something to say. But that is the good thing about Blogging-and texting SIL. You can say what you want I suppose-without your hand cramping. lol


  1. Hey glad to be of service just remember that in the next 3 years. I may not be as confident in my choices then. It's easy now with the whole she is a baby and there isn't any pressure thing lol. I love reading how awesome this works for y'all. I can't wait to see how it works for us. I may even try the whole school experiment. She has cousins a little younger and older. I may make her visit them when we come home and see how awful it is. Lol. :)

  2. Ha Ha. Yah. And in 3 years I will have a whole new set of worries about almost middle school! lol I can't wait to see your advenyure with her: reading, he rinterests, everything.

    I think it is a good idea. To satisfy any curiosities. Now Samantha will be a helper when we go-from here on out. I think it will be better.