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Friday, September 5, 2014

Gymnastics Placements and Sewing

What a week it has been. Only a few days since my last post and so much has gone on.

I learned a valuable lesson on Wednesday, one I am learning all the time. Darling Husband wanted us to meet him at the park while he was on lunch. "Gee. He must think we have nothing to do but be at his beckoning call." Yah. I can be a real stick in the butt sometimes. But we were reading books and neither of us wanted to stop. Plus, I hate when our schedule is interrupted with pointless travel time. Then I realized we had the hammocks in the trunk and books are portable too. So we backed up and spent an hour rocking between the trees with Daddy. Samantha ran through a field-I never see so much joy in her face as when she gets to run around wherever she wants. After he left we read in the hammock and took a half hour nap together.

The park was so empty. Just the sound of birds in the trees. Nobody was in sight. It was so peaceful. Just rocking with S, watching her sleep. I never want to lose a chance for another one of these moments. I am always learning to be thankful for her. Always being reminded that nothing else matters-not money, not math facts, not the mess in the house, although I still like a clean house-nothing is as important as relationship.

We packed up around 2:45. I could hear a storm rolling in. We sat and listened silently for awhile, until it got closer. Then we went to the store to spend her birthday money. Out of $50, she spent $52 on sewing supplies. Yes, I typed that right. Little Miss went over. She picked her fabrics, watched them measure them out, helped scan her items and assisted *a little* in adding up the price. (And I mean a little, because at that point she was tired and getting goofy.) She picked out other things she needed, a box to hold all her stuff, a large box of buttons, and some ribbon. She was beaming with pride and excitement at the fact that she had her very own collection of sewing items to choose from and do what she wanted to do with whenever she wanted to do it.

We spent all of the morning and a little afternoon yesterday working on a cat outfit. It was mean to be a dress, but we were working without a pattern-the printer is broken-so give us a break. It did turn out though more of a cape, and while it is not the most perfect piece of clothing, S was proud that she made something "big" from start to finish for the 3rd time. She is always designing, always thinking of what goes with what, always pushing the limit on fashion. S is NOT all about what matches to other people, but what she thinks looks good. Sometimes I think, "Oh Lord, this child has no sense of style." But really what she has is "S Style." I see her going far with her art. She is a very creative person, but more on that another day. Her birthday is coming up soon and I know I will be sobbing and writing about how much she has changed.

After we finished sewing we began doing this thing where we rush around because we are running late. Gymnastic placements were at 2 o'clock and S was extremely nervous. (I was on edge too.) But She. Did. GREAT! She did things I have never seen her do before. She did almost everything on the list. The only thing she couldn't do was the splits. (Of course they did not test them on the really advanced stuff, which S cannot do anyway, so I assume she will be placed in intermediate.)

It was such a stressful day for her. So much activity at the gym. She was so nervous about placements and new teachers. (She does not like change.) It is hard being 5. It all began to get to her and she started to act out last night. Going nuts and being kind of mean-at one point she sat under the entryway table sobbing, so I ran her a warm bath with lavender and she read a book. I ran a towel through the dryer when she was almost done so it would be nice and warm. And then I helped her out-gave her her robe and slippers, read her a book, and rubbed her down with coconut oil and lavender lotion I made for Hubby. (She enjoys being pampered some nights and I enjoy doing it for her.) She was out like a light as soon as I left the room. What a tough day. She woke up this morning on her own at 9:30. (This waking up whenever she wants thing is working.She even goes to bed at 9:30! SO unusual for her.) She is happy and ready to get going with another day of homeschool. No reading this morning. She wants to play on her iPod. Probably some more sewing today and then a playdate with CHEA. They are playing "sword fight" with pool noodles!

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