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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Trust. In. God.

It's amazing. The things we say we will never do. "I will never have kids," I said. "I will never stay home," I said. "I will never homeschool my child," says a stay at homeschooling Mom. Just a few short years after I said all these things and here I am. "I will never have another child," I said.

My Husband and I tried for over a year in 2012/2013 to have another baby. After hearing bad speculation from the doctor, we decided we were done. Don't with all the heartbreak. Done with trying so hard and seeing no results. Done with hearing our families pester us as to whose fault it was and why it was taking so long. We were worn down and done. We didn't want doctors involved. We only wanted a baby if God wanted to give us one naturally, and obviously he didn't see that fit for us at the time.

This August brought many new families into our lives. Homeschool families. Christian families. Families who see life in a whole different perspective than what I am used to. Families who taught us God is the way. Families who have accepted us as young parents and encourage us. They have taught us what society says should bear no meaning on our decisions. That GOD will provide for us if we will only do as he commands. Does that mean we should allow God to grow our family if that is what he wants? Should we just allow God to work and accept it if he doesn't give us what we want? After all, there is a reason for everything. Always a reason. God works many ways through many people. My Husband and I both felt like God was speaking to us and telling us to TRUST HIM. Connect as Husband and Wife again and allow things to happen in his time.

So we took a deep breath and haven't looked back. Weather we have 1 child or 10 children, God will provide us with what we need. Especially patience for me. They may not have their own rooms. They may wear hand me down clothes. But they will have unending Love, the Word of God. That is what is important. And of course food in their stomachs. (Learning to Garden could not come at a better time.)

Hubby and I are both excited for this new adventure, putting our future completely in God's hands. In fact DH is hoping we have more kids-as am I, but we are not letting it consume us. It has done a lot for our marriage the last 2 months. There is more love. More understanding. And less stress. 

I am thankful for those God brought into our life to teach us. With their unending love and support, I'm sure we will be just fine.


  1. It sounds like The Lord is surrounding you with encouraging people to guide you and bless you as your journey deeper with Him. What an exciting time!

  2. It is an exciting time. Definitely a new adventure. We have met some amazing people that have really made a difference in our lives.

    I am not sure we have met before. Do you have a blog on here?