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Monday, December 9, 2013

How Fast Things Change

Oh man. How fast they grow. How fast things change. Things today will be different tomorrow. We start new traditions. Learn new things. Come up with new interests. And life just keep changing. So we savor ever day.

Last night's trip to a local church's Christmas play drastically changed Samantha's point of view in two areas. (And I was afraid she wasn't listening because she sat with her friends to watch the play.)

We attended a Live Nativity and church Christmas play that retold the story of Jesus's birth, something that has been retold to her regularly,
Over the years. However, something about this play, maybe the environment, the other kids, the way it was portrayed, caused something to click inside of her brain. She started making connections and before we knew it we were at home reading the NLT of the Bible, starting with Matthew Chapter 1. And she got it. The basics were told to her beforehand and with that all the little details being revealed to her made complete sense. This was it. This was the story of Jesus. Not the little cut and dry kiddie version, but the real story. And she couldn't get enough. So we read until she fell asleep at 3 AM (Of course we didn't lay down until about 2.) Then we read again tonight. At five years old, I'd say she is read to continue on into unfamiliar stories, with explanation beforehand, but we will get there after we get through the gospels. I just thank God she is so interested in the Bible and in Jesus and living the most Christian life she can and I hope she doesn't stray from that. (I hope staying in strong Christian environments all of the time-home, church, Center, CHEA-will help to foster that.)

The second spark the play ignited is her desire to act in plays. She used to be in dance before gymnastics and keeps begging to do both just to get back on the stage. Imagine her surprise when she realized children could act! (Her Forte.) We called the local performing arts center and they said each play is different for age restrictions. The one taking auditions right now is 6 and up, as are most. She needs to be able to read a blind script in order to audition.

I told Samantha and she is more ready than ever to keep on reading. I printed off some simple scripts in order to get her familiar with the format and acting and to practice reading in a fun way. She is doing well so far and her reading is progressing daily. (She read High Five magazine by herself today.) I truly believe she will be ready to audition for their production of Wizard of Oz next Fall around the time she turns 6. *Fingers Crossed * Now we have a goal to work toward, which always makes the process more fun. Next "semester" is going to be a blast!

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