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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

This is what Homeschool is all about....

The planetarium....well not just the planetarium. But all the experiences surrounding it.

They were finally open when we took her last Sunday! (I was afraid we were going to miss it because the car, but we haven't sold the Mustang yet.)

Even though we have moved on to weather, she was super excited! She got to play with several instruments, s constellation globe, a constellation finder, a telescope, and then there were pictures of planets and nebulas on the wall.

Then we went into the show. We were able to see a double program because they were trying out a new curriculum and wanted to see what the kids thought.

Sam loves the big dome and all the images. We all learned a lot. And the coolest part...portions of it, about the atmosphere, tied into her weather unit.

I Love trips like this! What a perfect way to end her Space study! I am already looking for ways to end her weather study.

Which is going great so far...This morning she initiated conversation about tornados. She asked questions. We looked up pictures. Read tornado books. Drew pictures. And did a tornado experiment! Later it began storming and we watched the weather channel for severe alerts and talked about tornado safety.

Just a side note...Jessie and I have been talking a lot lately about the co-op and I think we are going to do it. She needs friends who are homeschooled because she is started to get frustrated about her friends being in school and I feel bad about it. And all her friends that are older are beginning to tell her that they did this or that in school. When she tries to explain to them what she has done or learned with me, they look at her funny. I don't want to force her to conform, but I would like her to have ways to meet friends and do fun activities you can only to in groups...


  1. you look so cute love the hair and sam looks like she had a blast!

  2. Thanks :)

    She did! She wants to go back for a different show. She couldn't get over the fact that we were watching it on the ceiling.