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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Today's Learning Library

Today was awesome! Wednesday-Library Day, as usual. But Samantha does not want to go to storytime anymore. Too many people and she can't hear. (She doesn't remember that SHE used to young like the other kids that talked, and she talked through storytime too back then!) Anyway, I have not posted any recent pictures or given updates about Sam in the library, so here it is.

She is familiar with all the librarians, and she loves to talk with them when we come in now. She knows where most of the books are that she reads on a regular basis. She also recognizes a lot of the books we have already checked out, and if she remembers liking them, she will get them again. And she really loves when she finds out we have books on hold for her. (I try to reserve books that relate to Samantha's current interest and have them shipped between the interloan library system, so she knows it will always be something good.)

But this week, she learned something new. Every week we get on the computer to look up a book on whatever it is she picks. The first few weeks she started with sitting in the seat with me. Then she wanted to sit in the seat by herself. Then she wanted to type the words. NOW she types the word, sounding out as much as she can and asking me for the rest. (For things I know she does not know the rules for, like "cess" in princess.") And, I have shown her what she needs to write down so that she can look for the book, so she does that-ALL BY HERSELF. I don't even read it off to her. She looks and writes the title, the author, the section it is in, and, if it is in the Junior section, she writes the number. GO SAM!!!

Today we checked almost 30 books today! And we have gone through about 1/3 of them! She just eats up those books. We read until we fell asleep this afternoon! Wednesdays are one of my favorite days...Hm. I think I say that about every day. :)

Choosing Her own Books 
Awesome Book-She has checked it out several times.  

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