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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Glow Water

*There are pictures of Samantha in the bath tub on here, but you can't see anything inappropriate.*

Glow water...IS AWESOME!!! I found out how to make it off this site. It was super cheap to do, and easy set up and clean up! All I had to buy was a black light, which is $10.00 at WalMart and can be used for SO many other ideas-I got lots of other ideas off this ladies blog! And a pack of highlighters. It was $1.00 for two of them at Dollar General. (After doing this, I recommended getting two packs, so you can have four highlighters. That way you can fill the bath up more and it will glow more. But it works with one pack.) I had to use a knife to cut open the highlighters, which took quite a bit of cutting, but I got it. I didn't realize the highlighter fluid was in bags in the highlighter. (Sometimes it is a felt strip, and you have to run it under water.) But with the bags, all we had to do was squeeze them into the water. (I also put a few drops in shaving cream, mixed it up, and voila! We had glowing shaving cream.) Anyway, it is a simple as that, put the fluid in the water or shaving cream. 

We had TONS of fun! Samantha splashed and played and she was in awe over how the highlighter could do that to the water. We wrote words in the shaving cream and played math games. And we put some of her glow in the dark stars and planets and moon in there, and we played pretend. We threw asteroids at the moon and talked about how the asteroid made craters on the moon.

It was a little hard for me to completely relax because I could see spots of glow on the walls where I accidentally flunk the highlighter ink. I was restraining myself from clean up! But all I had to do was use a towel and wipe everything down, and put up the light. That was pretty much it. Nothing stained. Super easy! This is by far ONE of my favorite activities we have done, right after raising butterflies, which I apparently never posted about, so I just posted about it, and our recent space exploration.


This is what the water actually looked like. 

She was stoked!
"Washing Up" With Shaving Cream
She was being silly and putting shaving cream on her toys.
Shaving Cream Beard
Sorry for the chest shot. We had a blast!


  1. You always find the coolest things!!! I'm going to have to take this idea as well!

  2. I hope it turns out well! I am an avid Pinterest pinner now. lol I will be posting tons more sensory stuff, and if you go on my Pinterest, I have a board called sensory play. Most of it comes from that lady's blog. It is SO affordable!

  3. This looks so cool! I think we might try this out!